By Joseph Johnson

In the summer of 2012, I made a profile as a sixteen year old girl, complete with photo, on a popular internet chat site. Within seconds…and I do mean seconds…of activating the account, I was bombarded by invites to “private conversations” with “older men.” Most of the conversations were typical chat conversation, I guess. I have never really been into chat myself. Most of the men wanted details concerning “my” measurements, location and dating habits. One of the men I met stood out from the rest. He wanted to know if I would give him my personal email address. I had created an account just for that purpose, and our “conversations” took a wicked turn from there, at least on his part. Once we started to communicate via email, I deleted the chat account, and I did not include a photo in the email account.

This would be a good place to note that in none of our “conversations” did I say, or imply that I was interested in any type of “inappropriate” relationship.

He, on the other hand, made it clear what he had in mind. I have copies of the transcripts of all of our “conversations” that took place via email. They are disgusting, and I made it clear on more than one occasion that I was “sixteen.” He, by the way was 49.

The things that he stated he would like to do to “me” were horrific, and of a perverted sexual nature. I talked mostly about my dissatisfaction with home life, my “mothers” inattentiveness and a longing to take a trip somewhere. I admit, I was baiting him, with the intent of involving the authorities had he broken any law.

The sad part is, he only broke half of the law. The things he said, and implied that he would like to do to “me” were the first part of a two part law. The second part is making an attempt to meet up with “me” with the intent of following through with his desires. He never did this. I believe his “thrill” came from the “talk.”

Finally, things took an unusual turn when I sent him the following message:

“I am a 51 year old male, NOT a sixteen year old girl. I imagine that this is freaking you out a bit, but it is not my desire to cause you grief. I would like to give you an opportunity. I am a Christian and a Pastor. I know what it is like to be lost, because I have been. But like you, I do not need to be. I want you to know that God is willing to forgive you for the perversion that would cause you to desire sex, fantasy or not, with a child. Eventually, if you do not seek Him, you will end up in prison. Ask Jesus to forgive you and He will. Even for the things you have suggested to _________.

Unlike the law enforcement people that will someday be busting in your doors, I desire Christ to bust through your heart and deliver you from the pain you are feeling. Please consider what I have written to you. Not because of the transcripts of our conversations, but because you need Him. God Bless you.” (I intentionally left my screen name blank on here)

He then sent me the following message:

“Oh, believe me I am taking this very seriously and this is a wake up call. I am looking in my heart to change my life around as we speak. i just hope everyone will forgive me. I have a big knot in my stomach right now.”

Our conversations have taken a totally different turn since then. Make no mistake; I am sickened by the perverted people out there preying on our children. But I have to ask myself, “What Would Jesus Do?” Joseph Johnson’s first instinct would involve a bullet. Sorry if that bothers you, I’m just being real here.

But it is not about me.

I am convinced, based on our subsequent conversations, that this man is seeking help and a change in his life. The question here is what about you? What are you doing to protect your children? It’s not about parental controls on pieces of technology. It’s about loving your children in such a way that they will not go seeking after a relationship on the internet, or otherwise, that could ultimately lead them to death…or worse, in some cases.

Parental controls are not a bad idea in and of themselves, but when they become a replacement for an actual relationship with our children, then we become inadvertent accomplices to the millions of perverts out there waiting to pounce on our children.

What began as an experiment for me, led to at least one of these people turning their life around. You might ask, “How do you know they are for real?” The truth is, I don’t know for certain, any more than I know if you are for real. Or for that matter, you don’t know about me. The Bible say’s we are known by our actions, for they reveal our hearts. Either way, God knows, and that’s all that really matters.

So, what would Jesus do? He already did it. He died and rose again for our sins. For yours, mine and the dude I met on the internet.


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