Almost two months ago I started an experiment called “The BEAT.”  It is a legit online news magazine, reporting real news stories. At one point, The BEAT was reaching over 12,300 people. There was a variety of contributing “writers” and “editors”; a couple of which began to develop a following. Specifically, the “staff’s” names were, “Dr. Raoul Hunter”; “Portia”; “John Coy”; “Nash Williams”; “Ewen Stanley” and “Emily Foxxx”…..oh, and Joseph Johnson.

“Our” series on bullying got a tremendous amount of feedback, as well a being part of the catalyst to begin a local “anti-bullying” movement. Again, I want to emphasize that all of the stories were legit, and great care was taken in regards to accuracy.

With one possible exception:

Everyone on “staff” at The BEAT was/is Joseph Johnson

I wrote all of the stories and used several pseudonyms, specifically the ones listed above. Oh, and I was also “J. Francis Manning” and I tragically died a few days ago.


I enjoy writing…much like breathing, and I wanted to share these stories in a way that didn’t seem like a “Joseph Johnson” overload. I hope you enjoyed them…BTW…the gang all say’s “hi”…even J. Francis Manning.

Click on the links above to read each fake writer’s bio.