The BEAT’S Research Analyst

Nash Williams spent his childhood in a tiny town in southwest Missouri. Having little to do in regards to extra-curricular activities, Nash absorbed every book he could get his hands on, regardless of the topic. In 2004, at the age of 14 , Nash became a full-fledged member of MENSA.

On his 16th birthday, Nash took and aced the Missouri GED exam. That fall, he enrolled in the University of Missouri School of Journalism. By taking as many classes per semester that the university would allow, he graduated with a B.S. at 19 years of age.

Nash spent the next several few years travelling through the Middle East and South America working as a freelance journalist. In 2012, Nash patented a computer software program and became an instant millionaire. Nash came on board at The BEAT in March 2014.

Even though he is a wealthy single man of just 24, Nash lives a very frugal and solitary life. He is an amazing research analyst and claims that he couldn’t imagine doing anything else, with the possible exception of pursuing his doctorate.