A Staff Writer at The BEAT

Raoul Hunter dreamed of being a doctor as he grew up in the town of Abbotsford, British Columbia. But the young Canadian had difficulty maintaining the proper grades to assure him a place in medical school upon completion of college. Instead, the high school graduate immigrated to the streets of San Francisco.

Living near the Haight-Asbury section of the city, young Raoul was still able to medicate those in need by being a supplier of various pharmaceuticals and other natural “remedies” for those attempting to expand their consciousness, He also wrote for several underground news papers, gaining quite a bit of local fame.

Desiring to become more intoned to things of a spiritual nature, Raoul studied and tested for a degree in divinity. In early 1980, he became Dr. Raoul Hunter, an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church. In 1997, Dr. Hunter suffered a minor set-back when upon doing some genealogical research; he discovered that he may in fact be a distant cousin of former U.S. president Lyndon B. Johnson. Devastated, he relocated to the hills of southwest Missouri and went into seclusion for several years.

In a chance meeting in 2011, he ran into his old friend from San Francisco, Frank Manning. Together, they started “The TRIP files” which eventually morphed into The BEAT.