Contributing Writer at The BEAT

Ewen Stanley was born in, and spent the first 18 years of his life in, Los Angeles, CA. Catching the writing bug, specifically journalism, early in life, Ewen and a couple of school mates started a “newspaper” while still in elementary school. Since the paper was not endorsed by the school, the three young journalists worked odd jobs to pay for the printing. A story Ewen wrote suggesting that the school’s cafeteria workers were watering down ketchup and spending the “savings” at a local bingo parlor landed the 6th grader in trouble.

In high-school, Ewen wrote for the school’s official paper, and once again found himself at odds with the administration. This time around, the aspiring investigative journalist alleged that the school nurse was distributing “re-called” condoms to the football team’s cheerleaders. Later in life, Ewen admitted he had concocted both stories in an effort to mix journalism with creative writing.

This helps him fit in quite well at The BEAT.

After high-school graduation, Ewen joined the U.S. Navy and eventually became an Intelligence Officer, and was sent to serve in several foreign countries. During his military enlistment, Ewen honed his investigative skills, and upon his discharge, quickly found work as a reporter for a large Midwestern paper.

Since then, he has held several positions in the news business and was The BEAT’S first Investigative Reporter. Ewen is presently a contributing writer, adding his creative flair to many of our stories.