Escapee’s Run Ends In Texas

By Dr. Raoul Hunter, Staff Writer

Cody Rantz was a wanted man in Arkansas when he was stopped by a Seneca, Missouri police officer at around 3:00am Friday morning. Earlier that evening, Rantz had been involved in an alleged assault at his girlfriends Seneca residence.

As the Seneca patrolman was attempting to arrest Rantz, a fight broke out in front of “Big Daddy’s” convenience store. After knocking the policeman unconscious, the twenty-five year old fled on foot across the state line into Oklahoma, prompting a multi-state manhunt.

Yesterday, U.S. Marshals ended Rantz escape by after tracking him into Texas. In addition to the original charges, Rantz now faces more charges, including First Degree Assault on a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest.