The BEAT’S Lifestyles Editor

Across the bay from Sea World and around two blocks from Mission Beach in beautiful San Diego, CA, is where Emily Foxxx grew up. Spending most of her days either hanging on the beach, driving the coastal highways, or working in the local public library; she always made time for the writing of her original poetry and short-stories.


“I have always considered myself a writer on special assignment.”-Emily Foxxx on writing.


After graduating from the University of Southern California-Los Angeles with a film degree, the blonde-haired blue eyed CaliGirl set off for New York City. While seeking out work in the film industry, Emily took some part-time modeling gigs. Before she knew it, she was modeling full time with an agent; working for several top fashion designers.


“There were times early on when I felt like a prostitute. After awhile, it just becomes automatic. A nice ass requires no personality.”-Emily Foxxx on modeling


In the summer of 2013, Emily was hired for an extended shoot that would be on location in the Ozarks near Branson, Missouri. It was during an evening of cocktails in nearby Springfield where Emily met Portia. Fascinated by Portia’s tales of growing up in Rio De Jeneiro, as well as her magnetic charm; Emily decided to visit Portia’s country home near Joplin.

Falling in love with the easy pace of life, Emily moved her life to Joplin, and soon found herself on staff of The BEAT in the role of Lifestyles Editor.


“I love Joplin. It’s a small town with a New York attitude.”-Emily Foxx on life in Joplin, MO


Emily has natural writing ability and fits right into The BEATS original style of presenting life.