By J. Francis Manning, Founder and Publisher

It is an exciting day at The BEAT!

I am a busy man…well, not really, but I have led a busy life. The day to day editing of the fine stories that come out of our fine writers and various editors at The BEAT requires an eye for the written word that has become a bit blurry for me. Thank God they are a fine bunch of scribes. This lessens my load considerably.

However, every source of the written word needs a place where “the buck stops” so to speak. It is with great enthusiasm and trust that I have assigned that “place” to be in the hands of Joseph Johnson. He is a proven, yet under-estimated writer and master of the written word. As of today, Joe will begin filling the duties of editor in chief.

I will still have a hand in the details, but the final say as to what appears on this site will be at Joe’s sole discretion. I believe that we will be a better news source because of this.

Thank you for your support and encouragement!

J. Francis Manning
Founder and Publisher