As an independent news source, we value the comments and input of our readers. John Coy’s recent story regarding children who were assaulted while either on a school bus, or waiting for one, prompted the following comments. In addition, we are always open to clarification if any of our stories appear inaccurate. We simply report the information we receive, with a strong attempt to research the details.

That stated, I would like to clarify that the assault that happened to Brett Demery in Carterville, DID NOT take place on school property, or while he was in the direct supervision of school officials.

Again, thank you for your comments.

J. Francis Manning, Editor in Chief


Karen: “My son attended Carthage schools for 8 years and was horribly bullied. We ended up moving to Joplin in hopes of a fresh start and new beginnings only to have the bullying start back up just as bad if not worse. I GIVE UP ON PUBLIC SCHOOLS and starting homeschooling my son 3 weeks ago. It is absolutely pathetic that there aren’t harsher punishments for these bullies. The physical and mental damage these poor kids go through will last a lifetime. No excuse. Wake up schools”

Sharon: “I too had a son that was in the Carthage schools and was being bullied at school!! He was also bullied on the bus, I now live in Sarcoxie and home-school all of my boys. The bullying has to stop!!!!”

From a teacher:“When will the parents step in and discipline their own children and teach their own children NOT to be bullies? Why is it the schools responsibility to not only educate children on academics but also personal behavior? As a mom I feel like it is my job to teach my kid right from wrong and the teacher’s job to teach students math, reading, science, and social studies.”

Robert: “Sorry, but wrong Mr. Manning, according to schools up to this point the school bus stop is considered school property. Example: If a child is caught smoking at a school bus stop then there is disciplinary action. If the school is capable of giving consequences and disciplinary actions for other offenses that take place at a school bus stop then there will be accountability for this on school property as well.”

Kim: “It is agreed that it is the responsibility to teach their children not to bully lies with the parent. BUT the problem with that is that it is NOT happening or that is where they are learning the behavior. I am a former teacher at Carthage and i stopped bullying hundreds of times in the 6 years I taught. The problem is that the bullying is happening at school, on the bus and at the bus stops. This means that while they are in your care they are being abused and this is not acceptable! That is why the schools need to bond with the community to stand up to bullying. We are trying to get the community involved with the schools to educate all students and parents on how we can prevent this problem. I started a Facebook page called Stand up to Bullying/kimhouse1965. It is not there to slam the schools it is there to help get out awareness that bullying has become a major problem in our society and that children are taking their own lives because of bullying. Folks we can bury our heads in the sand and say it is not our responsibility to fix or we can come together as a community and try our best to fix this problem. It is time for us to do something!”

**Enron: Seriously??? Since you cite “Facebook” as your source, one has to wonder if this isn’t just the rantings of disgruntled person. Since “Facebook” is a platform where anyone can spew nonsense about anything they please, it hardly seems like a credible source.

**Editor’s note: Facebook was not cited specifically as a “source”. The story states that “Some of the content of this story was gleaned from Facebook.” Specifically, the part about the teen in Webb City who was assaulted, which was featured in a KOAM-TV news story as well. In addition, independent research verified that “an incident” took place. If you read the story carefully, you will see that the story is based on the mother’s allegations, and nothing in the story indicates fact. That stated, the most damning part of the story, which was independently verified, is that the school district did indeed refer to the incident as “horse play” when the mother reported. If you have any other information or details regarding the incident, we would love to hear them. This story is far from over. Thank you-Frank Manning, Editor.


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